A Million Monarchs Boudoir Franchise

The ULTIMATE Ownership Opportunity

Start your own luxury franchise so you can finally live life on your own terms.

A Million Monarchs franchise requires no inventory.

High-Growth Industry Sector

Boudoir photography is arguably one of the most life changing, rewarding business models out there - and it's growing rapidly! Each year, thousands more women have boudoir high-ticket photoshoots. Google Trends also shows a recent upward spike for searches like "Boudoir Photography" or "boudoir photography near me".

Area Exclusivity

No competitor can enter your area once you become a franchisee. Meaning, when a territory is reserved for a new franchisee, we cannot sell another franchise within the taken territory. We protect our franchisees from competition, and we want to make your path to studio ownership a success! No competing with the same business secrets!

Brand Reputation

Leverage our brand's bulletproof reputation when you open your own AMMB franchise. With numerous 5 star reviews across multiple sites like Google, you can get a headstart when you open your own AMMB franchise.

Empowering Culture

At A Million Monarchs, we focus on empowering confidence in our photographers and their clients to believe in themselves and to have the confidence to chase their dreams with the right support.

Our Winning Concept

Skip the trial and error and accelerate your way to success by using our proven models, systems, processes, and more. The Million Monarchs Boudoir HQ has evolved over nearly a decade and grown, so you have a winning business model ready to launch when you open your own franchise.


We're all about breaking norms. A Million Monarchs Boudoir franchise and studios are built with the artist in mind, meaning that you'll get all the support and help you need and won't have to worry about the business side as much as usual. You're in good hands right from the moment you decide to open an A Million Monarchs Boudoir franchise!

No Photography Experience Required

Although photography experience is a plus, it is not required. Our MVP Certification Program will teach a novice from the ground up how to be a pro photographer and will save you from the struggle of learning the hard way.

Available Discounts

The A Million Monarchs Boudoir (AMMB) franchise is proud to offer discounts for military members. The franchise's company culture of respect and excellence is naturally a perfect fit for military veterans with a passion for travel and entrepreneurship. The military discounts, earning potential, and the ideal company makes AMMB top choice for veterans.

Simple + Proven Business Model

  • Flexible Real Estate
  • Easy to Manage
  • Live A Flexible Lifestyle - Pick Your Days Off
  • Protected Intellectual Property

Turnkey Support Services

  • Business Development & Operations Training
  • Photography Artist Training
  • Photo Editing Support
  • Marketing & Advertising Support
  • Client Acquisition Support
  • Back-End Services Support

Multiple High-Ticket Revenue Streams

  • Confidence Boosting Boudoir Photography
  • Fine Art Dealership
  • Wall Art, Accessories, and more

You may have seen us Featured In

The Original Boudoir Franchise

The Million Monarchs Boudoir Franchise is the first of it's kind in the world. We take great pride in being the first to market, but that's just one of A Million Monarchs Boudoir's many assets.

Our Story

Photographic artistry has followed me around on and off my entire life, from my time studying it in grade school and all throughout my adult life. It started to peck at my heels like a nippy puppy so much I had no choice but to pick it up and embrace this gift.

After selling my first successful photography business, I created A Million Monarchs Franchising with a mission to help women discover their inner beauty, boost their confidence, and helf our clients self-image with boudoir photography.

Today, we have cultivated a brand that is about an ideal, elegant experience and a special treatment for each client. We’re also the leader and a major innovator in the high-ticket boudoir photography space with numerous proprietary systems, techniques, and trademarks.

Marina Labaff

Founder at A Million Monarchs Boudoir

The Monarch Dream

The Monarch Dream is a lifestyle where you have absolute control over your income and the hours you work..

A lifestyle where you have more control over your business and the impact you're having in your community...

And a lifestyle where you have more than enough flexibility in your daily schedule so you can spend time with your loved ones and do the things that light you up in life.

We're here to bring that dream to life. The Million Monarchs franchise opportunity’s low cost of entry provides you with an exceptionally high value for your investment. You can quickly build and learn from the industry's best to achieve your dream lifestyle that allows you to have a hybrid work environment, all while finally having a chance to live a life you love!

Imagine Your Clients Talking

About You Like This...

"Before my shoot with Marina, I was so nervous I remember sitting in the makeup chair not being able to sit still (Jacy still did an amazing job)! During the shoot I was extremely comfortable and the compliments from Marina was a super bonus I’ll never forget it, it was such an amazing experience!

I left the A Million Monarchs studio with a major confident boost and strutted back to my car like I was worth a billion dollars. To this day, my boudoir shoot with Marina helped tremendously with my postpartum depression. My pictures gave me a whole new perspective on how I see myself. I feel whole again."

- Ms. X

"In the back of my head, I had kept telling myself I would love to do a photo shoot. I would sit there and scroll through (A Million Monarchs) posts and pictures for quite some time. I knew it was something I wanted to do. I knew I was comfortable enough with myself to celebrate me!

When I look at the wall art or the box, I have the biggest smile on my face, because I know I succeeded in what I was trying to do! Capture me enjoying being a woman, being me, not worrying about what anyone thinks as long as this girl is smiling!

When I made the impulse booking for this, it was hands-down the best idea. If anyone is contemplating booking because you don’t think you lost enough yet or you won’t look good: just book!"

- Ms. X

"I was nervous all the pictures I had seen were of beautiful younger women. If my children knew I was doing this, they would be so embarrassed. I am a business woman needing to always be careful of image, so many reasons to hide!

I walked into that door and, all I can say is, it was a smudging right from the start. Two beautiful souls took me in, made me feel welcomed and cared for.

Now I flaunt those pictures, not hiding a thing. I remember why I wanted them. I am 50, a mom, a gram, a coach, a business woman, and an athlete. I want to show others how beautiful and sexy we still are even though our body try to tell us differently."

- Mrs. X

The Monarch Advantage

We're All About Tranforming Lives

Opening a franchise gives you the entrepreneur experience - but, as an A Million Monarchs franchisee, you have a competitive edge.

More Than Just a Lifestyle... It's About Impact

A Million Monarchs Franchise owners are in a unique position to do their work mostly from wherever they wish in the world and only part-time within their glamorous studio environment.

They have a chance to construct a business that fits their lifestyle, whether they’re working in a home office, traveling, a stay at home mom or working from a communal business space.

Franchise owners get to be flexible with their own hours and take time off when it suits them best.

This glittering Franchise opportunity requires no inventory. This means there is minimal risk standing in the way of a dream career as an empowering boudoir photographer and luxury art dealer. The A Million Monarchs team offers high-quality training and education (in ALL aspects of art and business) with ongoing support to help franchise owners reach their most prestigious goals.

Why Should You Choose To Be A Million Monarchs Studio Owner?

Why Should You Choose To Be A Million Monarchs Studio Owner?

Of all the flexible businesses out there, why is AMMB the right choice?

The award-winning company invests in its franchise owners from the start, giving the support you need to make you and your business a success with little to no photo industry experience.

Start off on the right foot with the initial live instructor-led virtual training with our HQ Monarch team. Get even more in-depth education with 24/7 access to our online training modules and get coaching from your dedicated Business Development Manager.

A Million Monarchs is the best photo franchise for sale in the industry. With our “Scale With You” business systems, your earning potential with us is unmatched.

Our innovative business tools allow you to work and be supported around a lifestyle that works best for you.

Ownership SUpport

Franchisees Get Hands-On Help With...

Booked Photoshoots

Orders, Inventory and Fulfillment

Pre- & Post-Opening Training

Done-For-You Photo Editing

VIP Text & Phone Support

VIP Community & Resources

Comprehensive Training

Hybrid Training Channels

Live Boudoir Lab

In this hands-on in-person training, you experience the energy of what it means to run a successful boudoir photography studio and become an elite at the craft. Here, you not only learn the business stuff, but also how to interact with different clients to give everyone the optimal experience.

Virtual Boudoir Lab

You can go through some of the training at your own pace and leisure with our Virtual Boudoir Lab.

Here you will discover the final touches that will make you the go-to boudoir photographer in your area.

Committed to your success

As a Franchisee, All You'll Need To Do Is..

Manage Your Social Media

We’ll teach you everything you need to know + how to schedule ahead so you can log in at your convenience and advance schedule it. This takes about 20-60 minutes per month!

Manage Your In-Studio Services

You'll need to cchedule & manage part-time hair and makeup services. Your hair & MUA will end up being your bestie! You can train them so that they can be self-managed too once you find a good fit bestie/hair and makeup artist. This takes approximately 1-2 hours per month!

Take Client Orders

Take album & print orders through your own art dealership. This part is flexible for scheduling and can be done either remote or in-person back at your studio! We’ll provide all the training for providing an art line, process, and software that SELLS itself! (This all depends on how many clients you accept a month. Plan on an average of 1.5 hours per client and is done around a mutually beneficial time for you + your client!)

Set Your Own Schedule

You'll have complete creative control & freedom to set your own mega flexible schedule. You can also choose to clean your own studio or outsource! Where other franchises mandate work hours, we give you more freedom and flexibility to choose work days, hours, and weeks. If you choose to only work two weeks a month- that’s perfectly ok! (Each photoshoot averages about an hour of shooting time in the studio!)

Client Relationship Management

You'll manage the entire relationship with your clientele, and we even built our own CRM to make it easy for you! You'll be able to manage all your contacts, conversations, and business communications from one easy-to-use platform so you can scale your studio in record time!

Here's What We'll Take Care Of...

CRM & Automation

We'll take care of setting up and optimizing all your back-end marketing & sales automation using our proprietary CRM. From email & SMS marketing campaigns to workflows and tons more, we've got you covered!

Dark Glamour™ Editing

Once you complete your photoshoot, just submit your images to HQ through your secure online portal. We'll cover all the photo editing using our world-class Dark Glamour™ aesthetic so all you'l have to do is review it with your client!

Paid Advertising

We’ll manage & handle your paid advertising campaigns as well as provide graphics and support for when you need to post using your location's social media account. We’ll also automate the collection of your client testimonials and client generated marketing pieces.

Artwork & Design Processing

Artwork design & ordering. We’ll keep track of all payment plans so once a payment has been made in full we’ll be sure to process the order and get it to the client. Leaving less for you to manage on the back end.

Packaging & Inspection

We'll cover all the packaging, inspection, and quality assurance of your clients' order so you're able to provide the best client experience from when you open your own studio!

Shipping & Delivery

From the moment your client's order is ready to ship, we'll take care of the entire shipping and delivery process so you'll never have to arrange another pickup again!

Ongoing Training

We'll provide ongoing training and support so that you can be the most creative artist and art dealer possible!

Back-End Systems

We'll manage all the creation and development of back-end systems and technology so you don't have to.

The Process

The Franchisee Journey

Once you’ve made the decision to change your life and business success for the better, here’s how our process goes:

1. Request Info + Apply

2. Secure Financing, Real Estate, & Construction

3. Pre-Opening Training & Grand Opening

4. Post-Opening Training & Support

Getting Started

Ready To Take The Next Step?

To get started, submit an application for consideration by clicking the button below.

Startup & Ongoing Costs

An Investment Opportunity Like No Other

High Demand, High Luxury, High Glamour.

The A Million Monarchs Franchise is an exceptionally high-value based business model.

In an industry with increasing demand, starting your own A Million Monarchs Franchise is easier than ever with our support.

How much does an A Million Monarchs Boudoir franchise cost?

We have a one-time franchise fee to join.

Multi-Unit Discounts Are Available.

Inquire below to get a more detailed breakdown on how we can help you

open your DREAM business for a fraction of the cost of doing it the hard way!

The A Million Monarchs franchise is proud to offer discounts for US military veterans. make your dream of business ownership a reality. Aside from the initial franchise fees, monthly royalty and marketing costs are set at a fixed rate per month with lower rates to start to give you a hand up. The final startup cost depends mainly on the size of your studio, real estate and construction costs in your market.

Get Started

Take The Next Step, Your Dream Studio Awaits

Request more information or apply to see if an A Million Monarchs Boudoir franchise is right for you!

Everything you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ideal Franchisee

They are professional, kind, empathetic and the best hype-girl cheerleaders for our clients who may have a case of the nervous butterflies before their session.

Experience is always of course a PLUS! However, it’s not required. Our MVP Certification Program will teach a novice from the ground up how to be a pro photographer and will save you from the struggle of learning the hard way.

Costs & Ownership Success

The AMMB franchise is a low-investment opportunity with incredible value. We have a one-time franchise fee to join and locked in rates so you will keep more of your profit instead of just a percentage. Multi-Unit Discounts Are Available. Inquire below to get a more detailed breakdown on how we can help you open your DREAM business for a fraction of the cost of doing it the hard way.

Becoming an A Million Monarchs owner, and starting your own dark glamour studio is easy with our franchise. You can start today by following these four simple steps:
1. Request information online
2. Be supported through our exclusive owner training, support team, and system tools
3. Build a clientele
4. Watch your business flourish

A Million Monarchs Franchise offers all of the tools you need to become a successful owner while having the support to give you a quality of life that so many business owners sacrifice in an effort to make their businesses stronger. Once you’ve applied and are an MMCP (A Million Monarchs Certified Dark Glamour Photographer), you’ll participate in a live instructor-led fully virtual initial training from the comfort of your own home to successfully launch your business. You’ll also have access to easy to understand training modules that you can access from anywhere in the world, and enjoy the support of a dedicated Business Development Manager who will hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way. Our Monarch development managers are one of a kind professionals who act as supportive and encouraging business partners so that you can FLY like the Monarch you are!

This is a great question and one that is inquired about frequently! You earn revenue two ways from each client: first through their session retainer (for the photoshoot) which is due before they are allowed to be on your calandar. Next, you can earn revenue from the artwork sale on the back-end of completed services. Franchising is industry regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and by law, we cannot give earnings claims. You may consider contacting existing A Million Monarchs Franchise Owners and asking them, or you can review our Item 19 financial performance representation within our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).

There are many ways to obtain clients! We’ll guide you through this process and share best practices from our most successful franchise owners. Our marketing, public relations (PR), business development, training and franchise support teams are all hands on deck to support you. We’ll help you find what works for you and your business, but some ideas include: Word of mouth from friends and family, social media, direct mail, in-person events and trade shows, email marketing, print advertisements, networking groups, public relations, complimentary lead list purchasing and so much more.

Yes! Once a territory has been reserved, we cannot sell another franchise and offer the same support within the taken territory. We hold our company secrets close in hand, and want to make it easy for you to stand out at the unique artist that you are! You can read more about our protected territories in our Franchise Disclosure Document.

Ownership Support & Community

We will help you with this.

We’ll give you a list of what all needs to be installed, however you’ll have some room to get creative with your setup as long as the branding criteria are met fully.

The franchisor will train the franchisee (or the managing photographer/keyholder) on operating an A Million Monarchs photography studio under our MMCP (Million Monarchs Certified Photographer) training standards but excluding aspects relating to labor relations and employment practices. Training may include an apprenticeship program, store training, corporate training, administrative functions, and other topics, all to be conducted at a training facility chosen by the franchisor and remote/online at the franchisee’s store location. Training for the operation of a business will last from five days up to two weeks depending on the keyholders prior business experience and needs. Training may include on-line or other training and homework assignments that participants must successfully complete before proceeding to the next training stage. The franchisor has the right to require keyholders and/or photographers to attend up to five more days of training at its designated location during the business’s first year of operation if it believes this additional training is necessary. In addition to the initial training, the franchisor may require managers or other personnel to participate in training during the term of the Franchise Agreement as it deems necessary based on various factors. At least one of the franchisee’s representatives (an owner or another person the franchisor approves) must attend, at the locations the franchisor designates, the annual or biannual conventions it conducts for Monarch business franchisees.

We do not currently provide financing at this time.

Absolutely. Our brand fund pools resources and distributes them to appropriate marketing activities.

We help with the sales of onboarding your Monarch Clients! We will also train you in the art of providing quality & luxurious artwork that sells itself for the back end art dealership.

Absolutely! We want you to be focusing on the creativity of your camera and focus on client experience. We fully take on editing.

Done! Done! And done! By focusing you on the highest impact creative activities, you’re able to practice what you preach and have more time for “me-time”! All you need to do is focus on photoshoots and delivering a world-class experience, and we’ll take care of all the back-end work - from editing to fulfillment and from artwork creation to delivery.

Absolutely! You of course are allowed to book in clients but our team of reservation specialists will primarily be handling your incoming leads.

Yes! We offer text, email, and phone support for your clients. There may be some occasions where we need your help answering a question but for the most part- we will help your client online shop and answer FAQ’s for the clients Monarch Transformation!

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